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Best 14 Ways To Get Paid For Writing Short Stories in 2022 

Most of the time, your paycheck needs help. You may leave money on the table if you write great stories and get compliments.

Wouldn’t it surprise you that in 2022 it will be possible to make extra money simply by writing stories?

You don’t have to publish a book to make money from your favorite hobby. Just go to the right place to make a lot of money in a short period.

There are many opportunities online. Therefore, focus on how to find and take advantage of these opportunities.

In the following content, you will find out how to make money writing short stories.

Where can I get paid for writing short stories?

If you think this is possible offline, you are probably wrong. Even if you are lucky, you will earn less than an online blog or magazine. These online blogs pay you lavishly to publish your stories on their platform. This means that you can make money writing fiction on the Internet.

This way, you can achieve your dream of publishing your novel one day.

How Do You Get Paid For Writing Short Stories in 2022?

Remember that you do not have to be a professional writer to make money at home.

So it is time to find good work for your writing skills.

As the saying goes, “From small drops of water springs a mighty ocean,” your fantasy of becoming a great writer begins with your small efforts to write compelling stories.

As a freelance writer, this activity does not hinder your duties.

Therefore, visit the following sites and create the perfect side income for yourself:

1. One story

This platform specifically accepts short stories between 3,000 and 8,000 words. For each story submitted, you will receive about $500.

Imagine how much more you can earn if you submit often. This is one place where you can earn by writing fiction online.

2. Fireside Magazine

This is a storytelling company. It aims to publish amazing stories regardless of genre. For each word of your story, you can earn about 12.5 cents; for a full article, you will receive $400.

3. Reader’s Digest

Are you looking for a way to tell your story to the world? Here’s your chance. Best of all, you’ll make money too,

You must tell Reader’s Digest a true story about yourself in 100 words or less. If $100 is a good start for you, you can get paid to write stories here.

4. Take a break

If you don’t want to write constantly for this platform, you can sell your story once on Take a Break magazine and earn up to 2,000 pounds. They offer you a form of online storytelling that you can use as a guide for your story. You can make money writing fiction on the Internet.

5. Overtalking

Here you can submit your story that deals with social trends, close-ups of a particular culture, and discoveries.

You will receive £50 for each story.

6. Boulevard

This award-winning magazine has published short stories, essays, and more since 1985. So use this opportunity to your advantage, especially if you are a first-time writer.

You can apply each year between October and May. You will pay between $100 and $300 for prose and between $25 and $250 for poetry.

7. Carv

Only honest fiction is submitted and published here. While you receive a complete rejection on other platforms, Carve’s editors may respond to submissions with an editorial critique.

Carve publishes only literary works. You get $100 per story. It’s a great place to get paid for writing stories.

You wouldn’t want to know how much it would be if you paid closer attention.

8. Glimmertrain

Glimmertrain has different application periods each year. Go to their website by following the link below and see what they are currently looking for. Depending on the category of stories you search for, you can earn from $700 and up.

9.  Ploughshares

This is one of the most popular literary magazines in the world. Nominations are made at specific times, usually from June to January each year.

Ploughshares focus on contemporary fiction and pay $25 per page, with a maximum of $250.

10. Zizzle

At Zizzle, you get paid to write fantasy stories that appeal to children ages 11 to adults. Specifically, you write between 500 and 1,200 words and earn up to $100 per piece of fiction.

11. Shimmer

Writing stories for Shimmer involves more female characters and plots. You may also submit contemporary fiction stories. The text must not exceed 7,500 words.

12. Threepenny Review

One place where you get paid to write stories is Threepenny Review. Their earnings are between $200 and $400 per story submitted.

13. One Story

Stories aimed at teenagers are welcome here. If you are a teenager who wants to earn money for your writing skills, you can find out what it takes to earn $500 for each story you write.

14. Friend of the People

The amount of money you earn from writing stories for this company will depend on the length of the partnership. The initial price for a new writer is about £80, but it increases to £150 once you have successfully submitted 6 stories.

You will receive £300 for a long reading and £15 for poems. On the website, they have indicated which stories they would like to receive.


If you want to develop your writing skills, this could be the great opportunity you have been waiting for. It is convenient to work from home and earn money on your own.

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