Dealing with Lazy Colleagues

Best 8 Tips for Dealing with Lazy Colleagues: Full Guide Work Tips 2022 

Teamwork is an essential element of productivity in any successful organization. Every organization thrives on how each member contributes to its goals. A flaw in this system can affect the productivity of an entire department or, worse, the entire company.

In this context, the problem arises of what to do when one or more of your valued colleagues systematically refuses to invest in their work.

In this situation, you may not think you’re responsible. Still, if the mistakes impact the company’s productivity and growth negatively, you may be to blame. To minimize this risk, you should consider taking action.

You may now wonder how to confront your lazy colleague and how exactly to do it, or even if it’s part of your job. The truth is that dealing with lazy colleagues at work is not easy.

Even if you don’t know the right thing to do, this article will give you the right tips on how to deal with a lazy colleague.

8 tips on how to deal with a lazy colleague

Complaining and blaming a lazy colleague will not improve the situation. Below are some tips on how to deal with them effectively while remaining polite and professional:

1. Talk to your supervisor

If you have complained about your colleague’s lazy attitude towards their work and nothing has changed, you should take your complaint to a higher authority in the workplace, such as your line manager.

When you complain to your supervisor, ensure you are not misunderstood if you are trying to undermine a potential promotion or your colleague’s career.

2. Don’t gossip or complain about other colleagues

Try not to gossip to other colleagues about your colleague’s laziness, as this is unprofessional and can lead to unnecessary resentment and team division.

3. Try to avoid projects that require the full commitment of your lazy colleague

If your colleague is chronically lazy and all attempts to improve him have failed, you should think twice before choosing projects that require maximum commitment from him.

If you can’t get out of a project, you should consider their laziness. Also, don’t settle for timelines that you think will be met so that you have enough time for the project if it fails.

4. Don’t let success ruin you

If you target a lazy colleague, it can prevent you from making progress on the job. And if your boss finds out you’re not completing your work on time, they will blame you.

If your job depends heavily on the full cooperation of your lazy colleague, report the problem to your supervisor as soon as it arises.

5. Don’t get stuck on the issue of honesty

Please don’t waste time convincing your lazy colleague that life is unfair when they are getting away with it. That’s because it makes no sense, and you feel bad. Focus on your work.

6. Don’t be overwhelmed

Don’t get distracted by the laziness of your colleagues at work. If your colleague’s lazy attitude at work irritates or annoys you, it can be a huge waste of time. It can even affect your productivity, making you seem less productive to others while you are trying to fix the other person.

7. Don’t let them blame you for their work

Even if your lazy colleague works on the same team as you or has similar tasks, you shouldn’t take responsibility for work they don’t do.

Instead, try to remind them regularly of their tasks and deadlines. Don’t waste time with lazy colleagues.

8. Wait before acting

Notice that your colleague is not actively doing their job. The best course of action may not be to immediately address your supervisor or make negative comments, especially if this is the first time they have behaved this way.

At this point, you are probably annoyed by his attitude, but initiating a conversation with a colleague when you are upset may not be a good work experience. If their work doesn’t affect you much, you should ignore them.

How to motivate a lazy colleague?

Motivating other employees is not the employee’s job; it’s the boss’s job. But the boss can encourage his colleagues in different ways to get them professionally invested and increase their productivity at work.

Furthermore, it is critical to display control while giving counsel to coworkers because doing so may be perceived as bullying.

Here are some ways to motivate your lazy colleague:

  • Set an example.
  • Give positive feedback.
  • Ask for help.
  • Make sure they are reinforced.


In almost every company, some lazy people are difficult to work with. The most dedicated professionals are often frustrated by lazy colleagues who don’t have the same motivation, pride, and ambition level. The most important thing is not to let their negative attitude toward work influence your life.

If you are dealing with a lazy colleague, the above tips will help you to be fair with him. At the same time, please don’t get distracted by his behavior and let the quality of your work suffer.

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