Signs That Your Colleague Is Jealous Of You

7 Signs That Your Colleague Is Jealous Of You: All You Need To Know 2022

Jealousy is a toxic emotion you need to get rid of to have a clear conscience and enjoy your relationships with others. And anyone can be jealous, even your colleague. Yes, there are jealous colleagues.

A jealous person sees nothing good in the person he is jealous of, which prevents him from having a good relationship with the other person.

What is jealousy?

Jealousy is feelings and thoughts of unhappiness, resentment, and bitterness directed against a person. It can result from jealousy over possessions and things that the person does not have.

Jealousy is a state of mind that comes from comparing oneself to another person. This then leads to feelings of hatred and resentment towards the envious person.

3 Reasons why your colleague is jealous of you?

1. They want what you have

One of the reasons why a colleague may be envious of you is because they would like to have what you have.

For example, if two employees are to be promoted, but it will promote only one of them. In this situation, the other may be jealous of his colleague because he wants what he has.

2. Lack of self-confidence

Jealousy can also be associated with low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. If you are self-critical, you tend to envy others who have everything going for them and are self-confident.

3. Comparison

Jealousy can also be a result of the comparison. Comparison is a thief of joy and can also lead to resentment if you feel the other person is better than you.

It is also common for two managers to compare themselves to each other in the workplace. In most cases, this leads to feelings of jealousy rather than motivation to succeed.

7 Important Signs that your colleague is jealous of you

1. Trying to sabotage your work

Another sign that someone is jealous of you is trying to sabotage your work. They will do anything to thwart your tasks, meet deadlines and create a bad image.

If you have to work with them on a task, in most cases, they refuse to work with you to complete it. And if you are leading a project team they are part of, they will do everything they can to thwart your efforts.

2. Avoid direct contact with you, especially eye contact

It’s not always an indication of jealousy if you try to avoid someone or cut off all communication with them. However, if someone is constantly trying to avoid you, even if they are not avoiding others, this can signify jealousy.

Another sign of jealousy is when someone avoids making eye contact with you. When someone is jealous of you, they cannot look you in the eye because they are uncomfortable. They also do it because they are probably afraid you will notice what they think of you.

3. They openly disrespect you

Disrespect is a hallmark of jealousy and manifests in how the jealous person talks to you and treats you. There is a difference between rudeness and pride. In most cases, however, rudeness is a manifestation of jealousy.

A jealous colleague will speak rudely to you, try to reason with you and, in extreme cases, insult you. They also do this by ignoring you when you speak to them and being demonstrative. A jealous partner wants nothing more than to make you feel bad because you are doing nothing for them.

In such situations, it is best to correct them so they don’t take you for granted. By doing this, you are also letting others know that you will not tolerate any disrespect.

4. They are always trying to compete with you

Envious people are always competing with those they envy. They are always trying to outdo and outsmart the other person, who may not even realize there is drama.

They always see you as a rival and an adversary. That’s why they try to outdo you at work, dress better than you, and be the center of attention while sending you backstage.

A jealous co-worker will never understand that collaboration helps make things work. They only see a competition that they must win at all costs.

5. You try to minimize your efforts 

Minimizing your work and performance is another sign of jealousy towards a colleague. These people always try to portray your work as obsolete, useless and irrelevant.

They also try to minimize the results of your work by insinuating that you probably only got something by chance or because you are close to a high ranking official. They never appreciate the effort and intelligence you put into getting what you got.

6. They always disagree with you

Constant disagreements and resistance to your ideas are a sign that a colleague is jealous of you. If every time you have an idea, you always have a reason why it doesn’t work, you have jealous colleagues around you.

A jealous colleague never wants you to succeed. That’s why they always try to stifle any idea you have for your organization and take it away.

They may hide it by saying that it is their goal. However, they are not able to distinguish between the goal and the criticism. There is a fine line between one and the other, and the way they present themselves and the reasons they give reveal what they are trying to do.

7. Others speak ill of you or slander you

Another sign of jealousy toward colleagues is that they say bad things about you behind your back. They applaud you!

Jealous co-workers always have something negative to say about you and about you. And this is usually done in order to ruin your reputation and make you look bad to others. They may also spread lies about you, give a bad impression of you and make you feel bad at work.

Also, a jealous co-worker might make a bad reference about you if they have the chance. They will never highlight your good qualities, but will focus on your weaknesses and try to sabotage your growth.

What to do if a colleague is jealous of you?

If you notice any of the above signs that a colleague is jealous of you, you shouldn’t worry.

Instead, you can take the following actions:

  1. Ignore them.
  2. Correct them if they are being disrespectful.
  3. Find a support system.
  4. Leave the environment if it becomes toxic.


Jealousy is a feeling that anyone can experience, regardless of social status, skin color, gender, nationality, etc. It is a negative and unfavorable feeling. It is a negative and unfavorable feeling for those who experience it, as it can lead to looking down on oneself and even to depression.

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