Cheapest Car insurance for university students

Best 5 Cheapest Car insurance for university students In 2022

The ability to drive to class makes higher education attractive to many students. That’s why the need for student car insurance is so great.

Earlier this year, a study found that teenagers are better drivers than their elders. According to a study by the University of California at Los Angeles, teenagers scored better than older drivers, even though they were driving on the worst roads in California.

Parents should ensure their children are adequately insured to encourage them to drive. This article will look at some of the best car insurance policies for students.

What car insurance should a student have?

Students who do not receive financial aid should look carefully for cheap insurance; most insurance packages are not cheap. A student pays about $105 monthly for car insurance, or about $1,257 a year.

The cost of health insurance for teenagers is generally lower than for students. Young drivers tend to pay higher car insurance premiums than older drivers because of their age and lack of driving experience.

Students may spread this payment over several months of the year, depending on their chosen plan.

Can students get cheaper car insurance?

Some students have trouble paying their premiums, and insurance companies know it. Students get discounts on car insurance by working with schools and other partners.

You can use the money you save on insurance for other family or personal needs by taking advantage of discounts.

Here are some of the insurance discounts available to students:

1. Discount on multiple insurances

For students who rent an apartment and have their car insurance, it may be more cost-effective to combine car insurance and renters insurance.

2. Discounts for resident students

If you park your car in your parents’ name when you live on campus and leave it there while they are away, you can save a few euros. If your university is at least 49 km away, you can benefit from the resident student discount, as you won’t be driving the family car as often when you’re not at school.

3. Discount for good grades

College students with good grades can get a discount on their car insurance. Individual full-time students under 25 get this discount with most insurers.

The best 5 car insurance for students

1. State Farm

The State Farm discount for good students saves you up to 25% on annual student auto insurance. Qualification requirements vary from state to state, but most states require that the driver be a full-time student with a 3.0-grade point average (out of 4.0).

Fortunately, the discount applies until age 25, even if the driver graduates earlier.

2. Geico

We consider Geico the best cheap car insurance for students because it offers low prices and several discounts. Although the price varies depending on where you live, we have found that Geico regularly offers cheap rates on auto insurance for student drivers.

Members of student organizations such as alumni clubs, fraternities, and sororities can also save with Geico.

If you are a student, you probably qualify for cheap auto insurance.

3. Metromile

Drivers can enter their current auto insurance costs into Metromile’s pricing system to determine if it makes sense to switch companies. Your monthly insurance premium comprises base cost and a mileage fee, meaning fewer miles mean lower insurance premiums.

Metromile promises that your insurance will save you money if you drive less than 12,000 XNUMX miles per year, which is the national average.

4. Allstate

With Allstate Mobile, users can access their insurance information, manage claims and communicate directly with their insurance agent.

Best of all, you can file a claim directly through the app. This avoids long phone calls in an already stressful situation.

The Allstate QuickTrip app is a travel optimizer that saves time and miles. Riders can add as many destinations as they want, and the app calculates the best multi-stop route for the day. This is a great benefit for students, especially those with busy schedules.

5. Nationwide

Nationwide’s customer service is standard, and claim settlement is above average. Nationwide’s insurance costs are neither excessive nor affordable compared to most other insurance companies.

According to a JD Power survey, Nationwide scores 822 out of 1,000 for customer satisfaction. Nationwide’s reputation in this area is slightly worse than the industry average (835). Thus, it is slightly worse than the average for insurers.

These star ratings, which reflect Nationwide’s score in various categories, are also based on data from JD Power.


Student car insurance tends to be more expensive because of the higher risk of accidents. But since research rejects the idea that young people drive carelessly, car insurance packages for students should reflect this.

Until age 26, you can rely on your parents if you are a student and cannot meet the financial requirements for car insurance.

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