Best 9 Exercises With TRX To Training At Home

If you don’t have a TRX at home, get a piece of equipment now because it’s perfect for your basic exercises and to make your workouts more top. We tell you the 9 best exercises you can do and some specific ones for the most CrossFit fans.

With a good TRX at home, you can perfectly sculpt your muscles and stay in shape without going to the gym. You need your body weight, some coordination and balance, and a lot of desire to get in shape even without going to the gym.

The benefits of working with a TRX or similar suspension training are many. First, because it is a less aggressive system for our joints and ligaments than the usual weight and barbell training, in addition to gaining strength and burning fat, you also improve your postural hygiene; you prevent injuries from carrying too much weight; you can use it almost anywhere, and they are not excessively expensive if you get used to using them regularly.

Any tips for your TRX training? First and foremost, make sure that the anchorage is reliable; remember that you can change the support points and maintain constant tension throughout the exercise.

In addition, remember that you can work for all muscle groups, from the abdominals to the buttocks, and that by varying the inclination of the body, you can increase the intensity of the exercise with constant tension in the TRX.

TRX For Beginners And Experts

The exercises we will tell you are basic and suitable for almost any fitness user, from beginners to experts. From that basic guide, keep adding more complex and varied movements to attack the muscles from all angles and take your workouts to another level of intensity and strength.

We, like to do a suspension workout at least a couple of times a month to take a break from the weights, improve our flexibility and coordination, and recover from chronic injuries. So incorporate them into your monthly routines, take advantage of their benefits, and see how your technique and physique improve aesthetically.

The best thing about training with TRX

Building muscle 

The same principles of progressive overload apply to TRX as with other training modalities.

Rehabilitation of injuries

Suspension training allows people to perform bodyweight movements with an added element of control and safety.

Activation of the posterior chain

The term ‘posterior chain,’ the muscle groups at the back of your body, including the back, glutes, hamstrings, and twins, are grouped into fitness circles, so it’s time to put it into practice.

Making progress with pull-ups

Struggling to do more perfect pull-ups? This could be the ultimate push-up you need to break your chin-up record finally. The large muscles of the back are exactly the muscles we use when we perform a pull-up. The TRX Low Row is the perfect entry-level exercise to train these muscles.

The 9 best exercises with TRX to train at home

Now we tell you the 9 best exercises with TRX to gain strength and grow muscularly. Are you ready to suffer? You can even take it on a trip or to the park, share routines with your colleagues and family, and, why not, get started in calisthenics, which has many points in common. Push-ups, balances.

1. Squat and rise position

For your lower body and shoulders, squat as you open your arms slightly. Try to lower the hip as much as you can without overexerting yourself. Straight back at all times.

2. Chest and core

Leaning over the TRX, extend one arm and then the other alternately without losing your balance. Keep the core tension at all times. These are the best exercises for your abs and core.

3. Back and chest

Back straight and bring your body towards the TRX to activate your lats. Go down slowly, and you will notice the muscle tension in your back.

4. Triceps

Press for triceps standing bent over and looked for bigger arms.

5. Squat to one leg

Lean back on one leg and bend the knee carefully and slowly. Quads, glutes, hamstrings, and twins. Be careful with the stability of your knee, do not overexert the movement.

6. Hip raises

We lie on our backs, feet in the stirrups of the TRX, and raise the hips with this butt bridge.

7. Bending up

Core and abdominal work. In the bending position, we raise the hip and hold for a second before going down.

8. Dynamic side plank

We go up and down in the side plank position with the core, glutes, and back firm. Your obliques will become more and better defined.

9. Push-ups

Feet in the stirrups of the TRX and push-ups for the pectoral and triceps with the core in tension.

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