7 Types Of Pushups That Will Help You Train Your Chest

You already know that pushups are the essential bodyweight strength exercise to train your chest, but write down the 7 types you like the most.

The pushup is one of the most basic exercises; You only need your body weight and it helps you gain strength and muscle in both the pectorals and the triceps. In fact, for many trainers, they are an essential part of any strength routine.

But they are also an exercise that greatly limits the movement itself in its most classic version. The biggest challenge with this movement is how to increase the load,

The downside to pushups is that while it starts off as a challenge, once you’ve done enough reps, it stops motivating you a bit as you’re only playing with your body weight.

The exercise will target your chest, shoulder, and arm muscles efficiently, but there are ways you can increase the load and difficulty. Modifying something as simple as placing your hands on the floor closer together will focus even more on your triceps.

Change the tempo by slowing your descent or pausing at the bottom of the position. You’ll increase your time under tension, maximizing your muscle-building potential. You can even start to introduce different variations like raising your hands or feet to change the focus.

These are all examples of pushup variations below, which you can use when you want to expand the potential of your workouts without using more fitness equipment than your own weight.

7 Types Of Pushups That Will Help You Train Your Chest

1. Closed-hand position pushups

This is one of the simplest pushup variations you can do. By bringing your hand position closer together, ideally with your hands slightly narrower than shoulder-width apart, you’ll increase the action on your triceps.

Just make sure you don’t bring your hands in closer, say, in a diamond shape, as you’ll have a harder time holding that position. Keep your elbows close to your torso and continue with the repetitions.

2. Mixed Style Tight Push Ups

This twist on the close grip pushup features some of the principles mentioned above, such as pausing and mixing tempos, all of which serve to increase your time under tension. Instead of finishing your reps, pause as you come back up at the midpoint.

3. Spiderman pushups

Get your hips involved with this variation on the classic pushup. It’s hard, but it’s worth it. As you lower down on each rep, open your hips and bring your knee toward your elbow. You want to bring your knee into position as you reach the bottom of the pushup.

As you press to finish the rep, reverse the movement with your leg to return to the starting position. Too difficult to coordinate? Perform the knee drive before the pushup repetition. Do you want to maximize your time under tension? Wait to perform the knee drive until you are already in the bottom position. These pushups are perfect for men over the age of 40.

4. Archer pushup

This variation allows you to train unilaterally (one side of your body at a time), which is often an option with traditional pushups. Begin by placing your hand further away from your torso than in the classic position, and place your hands away from you. Lower to one side and then the other, maintaining control of your body and tension in the buttocks and core.

5. Archer’s flex

Level up your archer’s flex with this exercise that gives your chest an extra challenge as you transition from one side to the other. Perform the move as you would for archer, but instead of lowering to one side of your body and pressing up, stay low to the ground and press to switch to the other side. Work the entire movement.

6. Hand flexing

This classic CrossFit exercise puts you in an upright position that takes most of your work to your shoulders instead of your chest, so if you have any shoulder issues, skip it.

Pick a wall and adjust the position of your hands so they are slightly wider than shoulder width, strengthening your core and squeezing your glutes, which should help prevent you from falling over. Lower your head in front of your hands and move closer to the ground. If you can’t keep the reps slow and controlled to avoid a head injury, don’t do it.

7. Superman pushups

Another superhero-inspired variation rounds out the list of pushup variants because this is potentially the hardest type of pushup you can do. The Superman pushup generates benefits differently than most other pushup variations. You can also learn how to do the Superman pushups: we show you how to do them.

Benefits Of Pushups

1. They increase the strength of your upper body

Pushups build muscle and improve the strength of your arms and core. They focus on the muscles of the chest, triceps, and shoulders.

2. They improve the stability of the torso

The core muscles are also activated when doing pushups. The rectus abdominis and obliques are also strengthened.

3. They are perfect for getting started in fitness

They will help you gain strength in your arms and your entire upper body, and they will help you add kilos to your bench press.

4. It is an exercise that does not need material

To do pushups, you don’t need more than your body weight; They are easy to make and cheap.

5. They improve your cardiovascular performance

Pushups help you gain physical depth, define your pectorals and be stronger and more resistant.

6. They activate several muscles at the same time

Pushups, squats, or any multi-joint exercise activates several large muscles at the same time.

7. They will help you fight osteoporosis

A strong body is a healthy body. Strength training with exercises like pushups is important as we get older.

9. They can speed up metabolism

If your goal is to lose weight, doing strength-training activities like pushups daily can help improve your metabolism and reduce body fat. (40 ways to speed up your metabolism to lose weight).

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