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6 Important Tips You Should Do Before Quite Your Job In 2022

Okay, fine! I understand what you’re thinking, but can I talk to you first? At one point, I was like, “I want to quit my job.” But when you think about it, you realize it’s not just about quitting your job.

Yes, quitting your job is much more than that. That’s why I’m here to show you some things you never thought you’d have to rethink. But if you decide to move on, that’s okay too. But there are a few things you should do before you quit.

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Is it acceptable to quit your job?

Simply put, it is acceptable to give notice if you have evaluated all your options and determined that you need to move on. However, there are several things to consider before leaving your job. First, do it as honestly and gracefully as possible.

Try not to skimp, as you may have to cross the same ocean again. Quitting without notice, in a rude manner, or in a way that could damage your professional reputation could affect your new job, job search, or anywhere else.

When can I quit My Job?

There are many factors that indicate you are about to leave your job. I know you’ve probably seen some of them, but you’re not sure if they’re really warning you about leaving your job.

If you see these signs, it means you should plan to quit.

Signs that you should quit:

  • You are setting aside more time than you actually work.
  • It affects your health. You are overqualified.
  • There are no opportunities for advancement.
  • The work environment is negative.
  • Other companies hire you.

6 Important Tips You Should Do Before Quit Your Job

Yes, indeed, 10 people don’t stay in one place for 10 years. One, two, or more of them will have to change jobs along the way.

Whether you’re leaving a job because you may work for another employer, because you’re moving, because you want to become self-employed, or for any other reason, the decision to quit can be a difficult one.

You need to exercise wisdom.

Below are some very important considerations to consider before leaving your job:

1. Consider your options and choose the most appropriate time to leave your job

Before you leave your current job for good, consider your options carefully. Yes, I understand you are frustrated and feeling pressured, but I still advise you to think twice. Think about what you stand to lose if you leave. Think about the context.

2. The notice period is at least two weeks

Giving your employer two weeks’ notice is ideal. Anything less than this may not be the right solution. Therefore, you should send formal notice to your employer stating your reasons. This will give them time to adjust and find someone to take over your role and the tasks you were responsible for.

During this period, it is also ideal to document your day-to-day work, where you have important documents, how you use different equipment, and other information relevant to your role. This will ensure a smooth transition for your successor.

3. Say Thanks To Everone

Now take the time to thank everyone who has helped you along the way. Underline people carefully, mention their names and thank them for their support at every stage. If possible, take the time to send farewell emails to people you have worked with, such as colleagues, customers, and suppliers.

4. Ask about your benefits

Most companies have benefits for employees who retire or leave the company. In most cases, these benefits amount to several thousand dollars. Make an appointment with the company’s human resources manager.

5. Set a budget

This is very important and should be considered. If you don’t have a new job yet or if your income will be lower than it is now, takes the time to set a monthly budget. Think carefully about how much you can save if you don’t work for a certain period of time.

6. Use your network

The ability to network is crucial to a fruitful job hunt. Most jobs can be found through networking, either online or in person. You’ll never guess who will help you find your next job if you don’t tell your friends you’re looking for work.

Letters of recommendation are important and are looked at by employers. Ask for recommendations from your bosses, colleagues, clients, subordinates and other important people in your network.


When moving from an old job to a new one, keep in touch with your old friends even after you leave the office. Cultivate relationships and acquisition rather than cut ties.

If you want to continue to nurture the relationships you have built over the years, make an appointment to meet a few people. Meet with them and have fun outside the workplace.

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